An 8-Bit Adventure

A Short Comedic D&D Module By JiFish

An 8-bit Adventure is a is a short comedy 5e Dungeons & Dragons module, designed for a group around levels 4 - 7. It is supposed to be completed in a single 3 - 4 hour sitting. The players shouldn't find the difficulty very challenging, the fun is in the silliness of the setting. It's designed to be slotted in to an existing campaign as a one-off special adventure.

The adventurers find themselves trapped in a world inspired by JRPG tropes and must find a defeat the evil sorcerer Garland to escape.

An 8-Bit adventure is available as a PDF or a Module for the Fantasy Ground virtual tabletop software.

Sample Card



Fantasy Grounds Screenshot

Fantasy Grounds Screenshot

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This is a fan creation. It is not intended for any commercial use. See the licence for full details.